About Us

E Visa Sri Lanka is affiliated under E Visa India Travel Company. We offer Sri Lanka Visa here. E Visa To Sri Lanka's Assistance Team is fully dedicated to give assistance regarding e-visa. If you apply through E Visa To Sri Lanka, we will consult, support and provide consultancy, submit your e visa application and inform the status and results. To apply e-Tourist visa under our processing system, you will be charged service fee and Government Fee.

We run a campaign that has evolved over the past couple of months to give E Visa to Sri Lanka. We have given e visa assistance to 1000 of tourists willing to Travel in Sri Lanka.

Service fee is the amount that the applicant have to pay in advance while applying at our website for service during a Sri Lanka e-visa processing from consulting about the e-Tourist Visa, receiving, checking the applicant's personal information, informing the status and results to collecting the e-Tourist Visa from Sri Lanka Government then sending it to the applicant.

We offer Visa Assistance Service and Charge Government Visa Fee Plus our Service charge.